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director. >> and a chaotic scene at a convenience store a man opens fire hitting three people. the latest on a motive as police search for a suspect. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news. >> and this is wednesday november 14th. there's a live look outside. the sun on the horizon. unlike yesterday when the skies were cloudy. it's still cold outside. good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy you are with us this morning. before we get to tucker, right to breaking news. a shooting investigation underway at a wal-mart in maryland. sky fox live over the scene. this is at the wal-mart on russet green east. police and other authorities have blocked access to this large plaza that has a sam's club in it, restaurants too. there is crime tape surrounding the
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wal-mart entrance and it spreads out into the parking lot. unclear whether the shooting happened inside or outside the store or just who the victim or victims may be. we're going to bring you updates as soon as we get them in. >> investigators have also be busy this morning. a man was found shot to death on 37th street near rhode island avenue around 5:00 this morning. no word on suspects. >> busy news morning but let's take a moment to check in with tucker and the weather. >> good morning. cold temperatures out there . overnight falling back in the upper 20s and 30s. definitely jacket weather here today with plenty of afternoon sunshine. we're looking at highs in the upper 40s to 50. couple features high pressure building in behind the cold front. very cold overnight and will also deliver sunshine for the next
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couple days. all right. here are your temperatures and they are bouncing up a little after getting close to freezing. 38 degrees. dulles is 32. you get the idea we're in the 30s. all going to warmup to the upper 40s to about 50. here's your forecast for today. lots of sunshine. mostly sunny conditions. upper 40s. should be dry. more details on the weather coming up. let's do the traffic. good morning. >> good morning. right now we have our hands full out here. a lot happening for those continuing into downtown. the police activity due to an investigation continues to block a portion of 34th street. this ion going investigation from a shooting. the roadway remains blocked. not related to this but close by, southbound south
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dakota avenue. big delays on 50 coming inbound continuing out towards kennel worth avenue. can be along 270 lanes are open. we have police activity tying up the right side of the road. trip southbound on 270, big delays coming down to 16 miles an hour. earlier incident has cleared. the pace doesn't improve much as you continue into gathers burg. falls road for the accident reported. crash reported eastbound along 50 blocking all lanes. coming inbound headed towards the bay bridge, your lanes are blocked. no one able to get by in the direction of the bay bridge. the lanes westbound are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right. thank you very much. in today's top story, president obama has his first full press conference in more than 8 months later this
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afternoon. and it comes as the president's plate is filling up quickly. >> the president put press conferences on hold during the election but since then we've seen issue after issue crop up. not the least of which is this scandal involving the now former cia director david patraeus and also one of the nation's top generals. the president will have to do something of a juggling act when he scares off. for starters his high profile cia director is gone because of a sex scandal. and john allen is under investigation for e-mails he sent to a patraeus family friend. he got backing from his immediate boss. >> no one should leap to conclusions. general allen is doing an excellent job in leading those forces. he certainly has my continued
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confidence. >> one prominent conservative is questioning the conduct of the fbi in both cases. >> let me begin with general allen who is smeared by an investigation who got out of control. no reason to believe he did anything inappropriate. >> and some who see this as a distraction. an investigation into what happened in libya back in september. the new acting director of the cia briefed some law makers yesterday. and while the president did face occasional questions about it on the campaign trail, he may be pressed to further splaen exactly what his administration new. and that approaching fiscal cliffs. tax cuts hitting at the end of the year. >> and we've known about this fiscal cliff for sometime. the president today may stake out a
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bargaining position. in washington, fox news. >> later today, we'll find out if nancy pelosi will stay on in the house of the representatives. last week democrats did not win the 25 seats needed to take back the house. she hasn't said if she'll keep her post or serve new two year term. >> also on the hill today, a subcommittee will hold a hearing whether the meningitis out break could have been prevented. also expected to call for tougher regulations for compounding pharmacies at a news conference today. people have been sickened. 32 have died after receiving tainted shots. and now for a look at other top stories. begin in northeast dc where the search is on for a gun man who opened fire last
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night. >> happened at this station on benning road and 44th street. caught on camera firing into the store while sitting in his car. a dispute between the suspect and the store clerk may have been the cause. >> believe he wasn't be served fast enough. we don't know yet but this is something we were investigating. but again, rose to a level of him ultimately firing several rounds inside the convenience store there. >> after the shooting, the suspect took off, crashed into three separate parked cars. he then fled on foot. police are looking for a group of men who may be linked to a series of robberies and rapes not far from the scene of last night's shooting. two women were assaulted near the metro station. several other sexual assaults and robberies in the same area over the last few days. >> this morning dc police say they have linked a teenager to a
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double shooting that left one woman dead. joshua is accused of killing teresa and injuring her husband in the shooting last month. that incident happened between hampshire circle and westlake high school. on friday, police searched his home and found a semi automatic weapon. >> it was a positive match with the shell casings and the rounds located at the crime scene. >> the sheriff's office got the tip from dc police after he was arrested along with a 17-year-old girl accused in the shooting death of a dc cabdriver last week. >> there is an unexpected twist in the trial accused of being the east coast rapist. he was expected to plead guilty but then suddenly decided not to. a few days ago he signed a plea deal after prosecutors agreed to drop gun charges.
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he agreed in writing to admit his guilt. dna tests have linked thomas to 17 rapes in four states. >> former dc chairman kwame brown was sentenced 6 months home detention, 2 years probation and 480 hours of community service. pleaded guilty of falsifying loan documents for his home and a boat. >> and new this morning, it is the end of the political road for george allen. former virginia governor says he won't run again. he lost to tim kaine last week in the race to retiring senator jim web. he was unseated by webb in 2006. >> we want to go back to the breaking news we told you about a few moments ago. the shooting
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investigation at a wal-mart in maryland. a 28-year-old man was shot at the scene. he has serious injuries but is expected to survive. remains unclear whether the shooting happened inside or outside the store which is just off the bw parkway. >> 10 minutes after the hour now. coming up, 20 public schools could soon be forced to close their doors. >> and a reminder drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to share the road. what police will be doing to get that message across. >> one of the world's most admired diamonds is sold. the rare stone and how much it fetched at auction after the break. break. >> here's a live look outside. we're going to get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie. right now it's 10 minutes after 7:00. [ harry umlaut ] here we gogo.
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welcome back. 7:14 now. a new survey of the future of afghanistan is making world headlines this morning. the poll released today by the asia foundation finds most afghans believe their country is headed in the right direction but worry about the lack of security resulting from the 11 year war. >> toyota announced a big recall this morning over potential problems with the steering extension shaft on prius hybrid. impacts about 670,000 vehicles from model years 2004 to 2009. dealers will begin notifying owners next month. >> it was a rare site in northern australia. tens of thousands watched in awe as a
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total eclipse turned day into night. fitness fanatics had fun with it. that is just really something. >> look at that. okay. kristies has auctioned off the arch duke joseph diamond. the 76 karat stone sold for more than $21 million setting a world record for a color less diamond. it was found in an ancient mine in india. the diamond was named after joseph august of austria. >> wow. 76 karats. >> man. >> i wish they had put it next to a ruler.
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>> very cool. >> sadly, i have no idea. >> all right. it's cold out. cooler temperatures moving in yesterday. colder temperatures starting your morning. going to be a cold morning and a cool afternoon. we're not the only ones. check out the whole eastern sea board. cold for this time of year. 38 in washington. heads up, much of our area in the low 30s. even 20s in places like frederick this morning. columbus 32. it's only the middle of november. these cold temperatures getting here early. raleigh, 33 and richmond 33. should be a nice looking day. right to the 7 day forecast and lots of sunshine today, upper 40s to about 50. the dry weather continues into the start of the weekend. with temperatures each afternoon warming up into the mid 50s by friday and saturday.
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and our next chance for showers will arrive second half of sunday and monday. redskins sunday afternoon. keep our fingers crossed hold the rain off. but late sunday, early monday next time for rain. >> all right. very good. >> beginning of the next work week. >> yeah. >> all right. let's go to julie. she's got our on time traffic. >> hey, you guys. very much a commute out on the . and eastbound on route 50. this is where we have accident activity and i'm told from authorities it involves an overturned pick-up truck with the trailer. that's why eastbound 50 is blocked. thanks for our friends forgiving us this inform. delays are starting to build as you travel outbound towards the bay bridge. inbound, your lanes remain open. big delays southbound on the baltimore parkway. well before river dale. that's where we had late clearing construction earlier this morning.
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police investigating a shooting which took place overnight. that's tying up the roadway in each direction and close by but not related, a stalled tractor trailer southbound. you'll find southbound 270 lanes are open. no issues reported as you continue in from german town. but southbound 355 at summit avenue stay to the right to get by. >> thank you. a public awareness group called street smart is using the end of day light saving time to remind pedestrians to watch out for each other. street smart kicks off fall campaign today where law enforcement officers will remind drivers how to safety share the road. >> the montgomery county school board is declining a request for
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an islamic holiday. only one board member voted against next year's school calendar. the county's growing muslim community has been calling for a school holiday but cannot add a school closing for a religious occasion at this time. does want to monitor staff and student attendance to see whether to reevaluate that request. and as we reported yesterday, dc public schools will close 20 schools. most of them at the beginning of the next academic year. >> the reason? the growth and charter school enrollment. john has the story. >> reporter: the teacher has given up on public schools. her daughter went from head start through 5th grade. now the daughter is in a charter school which mom thinks is pushing the daughter harder. >> the schools are not up to where they need to be. cause
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see, here, they say my daughter was proficient. charter school, she got b's and c's. that shouldn't have been. >> hope is one of 20 school buildings which are going to be closed and largely the growth of the charter schools in dc which is pushing chancellor to call for more closures. the school system closed 23 other schools in 2008. >> in some wards more than half of all public school students are amending charter school and many charter schools have plans to continue to grow by grade level and adding additional campuses. >> argues it costs more money for student to keep under enrolled schools open. there are currently only 208 students enrolled. about half the building is empty. henderson says she'd rather close this building and invest in better
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educational programs elsewhere. >> we need better special education programs. we need more technical education programs. we need more alternative options for young people who aren't succeeding in a traditional school setting and more programs for our advanced learners. >> only one high school is on the closure list. spin garn high. and chancellor henderson wants to eventually reopen it as a career and technical center. >> the full list is on our web site. the dc council will hold a hearing on these closure ands public meetings begin on november 27th. chancellor henderson says she's open to alternate ideas but to me this comprehensive proposal to close 20 schools looks like it's on the fast track. fox 5 news. >> coming up, a local police department is giving an all
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access pass today thanks to social media. >> if you are passionate about books and art, there's an event for you. everyone should be passionate about books and art. holly is telling us all about it this morning. this year, america's privatately-owned freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network. that's like building 4 nat's stadiums, 5 wilson bridges, and 8 dc convention centers...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers.
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freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network. that's like launching 4 mars rovers, 10 gps satellites, and 20 space shuttles ...all in one year.
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and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers. welcome back. dc mayor is unveiling a five year economic development strategy for the city today. a press briefing is scheduled for 10:00 this morning on 7th street northwest. the strategy will serve as a road map for bringing 100,000 new jobs and $1 billion in tax revenue over the next five years. >> the prince georges county police department is making social media a prior to -- starting at 9:30 this morning, the head of the media relations division will ride along with
7:26 am
special assignment team and tweet news as it happens. you can follow along at pgpd news. >> and in virginia, this sculpture titled real love will be unveiled at a town park later today. look closely. created by a local artist and took months to create using more than 100 reals of film. encouraging people to move to the commonwealth and raise their families. >> still ahead, a big day on tap for president obama. fiscal cliff, congress, the sex scandal all on his agenda. we're going to take a closer look at that and more next. >> check it out. also a baby panda gets the rock star treatment in california. why the big celebration? does he need a reason?
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we'll explain. >> as we head to the break, here's a live look. latest waeth letter and traffic coming up from tucker and julie next. it's 7:26. we'll be back.
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back now with this morning's sports breakfast. skipper davy johnson has been named manager of the year. and made their first playoff appearance. this is the second such honor for johnson who turned 70 in january. in 1997 he was named the american leagues top manager. you know what team he was named manager? >> baltimore orioles. >> that's right. >> he got cheated. >> yeah. i thought he would get it. >> if you were the manager for a team 15 years. >> would have been cool the battle of the beltways stopped. >> a's manager had a great season. >> particularly around here. there we go. let's do the weather. cold start to your day. cool afternoon. it is november but the temperatures are just a lite cooler than they should be this time of
7:31 am
year. typically upper 50s to 60 and we're going to top out in the upper 40s to 50. here we go, 38 in washington. 30 this morning in gathers burg. frederick holding on to the 20s. 27 for you. 30 in culpeper. temperatures that have fallen into the freeze category. leonard town, freeze mark. cold start to your day. we've been showing live shots. plenty of sunshine out there and in your forecast today. it will remain on the cool side. cold front from yesterday. we're in good shape. high pressure out to the west. keep things nice and quiet around here. not only for your wednesday but through the end of the week. should be nice and dry with a bit of a warming trend. the pattern here remains on the cool side.
7:32 am
trending towards first low average temperature. 50 today. sunshine. cool temperature s. winds out of the north at 5 to 10. radiational cooling. clear skies, cold overnight . and here's your accu weather 7 day forecast. a bit warmer by friday and saturday. next chance for rain, maybe sunday afternoon. hoping we'll hold it off until sunday night. monday good chance of showers. let's do traffic and julie wright was having fun but then she got busy. >> the crew in sky fox over a serious crash eastbound on 50. let's take that picture live. this is reported to be a pick-up truck that was pulling a trailer. it is overturned on its side and eastbound 50 currently blocked here. all traffic right now looks like it's being diverted. if you are traveling eastbound on 50 heads
7:33 am
up, they are taking you off of the highway. that trailer still overturned. westbound to the top right rubber necking but your lanes are open. tow truck on the scene. got to get the trailer back up on its wheels. we will update the ride elsewhere. virginia, eastbound 66 lanes are open. no problems reporting leaving fair oaks leaving 123. traffic volume heavy and slow leaving springfield. also got the delays for those traveling south out towards falls road. big delays 198. longstanding construction has finally cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> members of congress are angry they weren't looped into the still unfolding sex scandal that ended general david patraeus's career. and new developments keep coming up that could keep congress busy for
7:34 am
months. joining us now peter fenn. always good to see you. >> good morning to you. >> we're happy to welcome back republican strategist jordan lieberman. let's start with the headline today. it's the sex scandal yet another sex scandal this time involving general patraeus and the top commander in afghanistan. i think i know where you stand but let me start with you peter. what's your take on what's going on? >> you heard me ranting and raving as i came in here. i can't believe the fbi is spending huge amounts of money investigating this thing. lots of personnel going through everybody's computer files. their reasoning behind this is because one woman said she was getting threatening e-mails and happens to have a friend in the
7:35 am
tampa fbi. and this is blowing up to a national scandal. we're on the fiscal cliff here. this is page a 9. we have a president that's holding a press conference today. we have a new congress coming in. we have problems to solve and we're playing around with this nonsense. to me, it's crazy. and for the congress to worry about it and try to do conspiracy theories about how this has something to do with benghazi. i'll try to get lessee motion ales. >> jordan, what you think about it? >> i agree. if the fbi wants to investigate general patraeus, they have a lot of other people to investigate. i don't think congress cares. it gets some of the bad headlines off the front page. but the reality is i don't care. >> what happens though with the hearings into what happened in
7:36 am
libya now that general patraeus has resigned? are there the national security issues? >> someone says he's not going to testify. they want him to testify. ask him to testify. he'll testify. that's not a problem. >> the two aren't necessarily connected. >> no. >> there's a national security issue where he was dumb enough to get caught by the fbi. >> i heard thousands of e-mails like 20,000 e-mails may have passed back and forth between general patraeus and his girlfriend, mistress, what have you. >> longstanding book arrangement. so she's writing a book. and as i said, i don't care. i don't care whether it was ten e-mails or 10,000 e-mails. >> more important things to do. >> exactly. >> let's move on. let's talk about the president does have
7:37 am
his first press conference today in some 8 months or so. a lot on his plate. what does the nation need to hear? what will he likely address? >> fiscal cliff, fiscal cliff, fiscal cliff. we are on the pressof a disaster. he needs to draw a line in the sand. i think he's already done that. when he draws that line, will it be an opening to negotiate with house republicans or really is he ready to go over the cliff with republicans? >> i think they aren't going to go over the cliff. they have legitimate disagreements in how they want to balance this off. but the president has put on the table his ideas on the tax issue. speaker john boehner has said we'll talk about this with you. they both start with strongest positions and then hopefully they can do a compromise on it.
7:38 am
the point on this, this isn't just a short-term problem. this is a long-term problem. >> that's what i was going to ask, we've seen the can get kicked down the road. can we get to real results? real answers this time? >> the hope is what you've got is not going to solve this in the next 6 weeks. that's obvious. but should be an overall agreement. that we've got to deal with the entitlement issue. we've got to deal with cuts in the budget. and we've got to deal with the revenue side. the most important thing right now is continue to stimulate the economy to create more jobs so people are paying taxes so we don't have these deficits and if it means targeted tax breaks then we should be considering some of those for small businesses. >> do you think we'll see the compromise we haven't seen? >> i hope so. but it's not a short-term compromise. kicking the can down the road by 6
7:39 am
months or a year is almost as bad as doing nothing. we need to see a grand bargain. and the difference between tax increases. and needs to be able to loosen up the strings a little on that. but barack obama needs to know taxes are not going to go up on middle class. where are we going to decrease spending. >> one thing i think is interesting is folks are looking at one of the ideas that came out of the romney camp. let's look at some of the deductions for high income earners. there is ways to deal with that. i think the president is adamant there won't be tax increases for people making 250,000. the middle class can't take tax hits. >> might we see a meeting between governor romney and president obama? >> i would love to see it. >> i don't know if that would help. >> i think one of the things
7:40 am
governor romney has been quiet. as most folks are when they lose. but the president said he wants to sit down with him. i don't think it's a shake hands take a bunch of pictures. i think one of the things that has to happen on both sides is reaching across the isle now. it's the good time to do it. republicans need progress as much as the democrats. going to get both sides nowhere. >> i don't think mitt romney is the leader of our party. he has no negotiating power. might have a beer summit, probably not a beer summit. >> a milk summit. all right. peter, jordan, thank you so much. see you next week. tony, over to you . >> thank you all very much. papa john's pizza is coming under fire to what it did to
7:41 am
customers after the delivery. we'll explain. and mark kelly is in town today. we'll tell you what for and how you can meet him. it's 9:40. we'll be right back . 
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all right. the popular papa john's restaurant chain is hit with a $250 million lawsuit for blasting customers with illegal text messages. customers complain they got a half a million messages in early 2010. the text messages offered deals for pizza but some people got up to 15 in a row even in the middle of the night. papa john's never asked permission to send those messages. >> a california zoo held a naming ceremony for new panda cub. waited 100 days to name him. xiao liwu. 6th panda born at the san diego zoo making it the most successful breeding program outside of china. >> retired nasa astronaut and
7:45 am
husband of gabby giffords is stopping by the national air and space museum today. in town to read his new children's book and be available to sign copies afterwards. the story is loosely based on kelly's first shuttle flight when he traveled into space with 18 mistronauts. >> do they really call them that? >> i doubt it. but it's cute. >> he was involved in the last shuttle to go up? >> it rings true but i don't want to say for certainty. >> cold temperatures start your day, overnight in the 20s and 30s. it's going to take several more hours. not sure we're ever going to call it. >> is it really a rebound? >> that's pretty chilly. >> and less wind than yesterday. >> not in july so much.
7:46 am
>> i love the sun in july. talking more categorically. >> 24. the forecast is very easy. high pressure. you remember these days . sunshine and high pressure. if you look in the sky, you can see the h going overhead today. mid 50s here by the end of the week. rain sunday and monday. cool for the next couple days and cold at night. >> was it look on the bright side of life? >> always look on the bright side of life. >> that's what i was thinking of. >> funny song. 7:46 now. let's go to julie wright. >> all right. very busy. our crew in sky fox needed to land cause they needed fuel. when they were leaving the scene here approaching the bay bridge out here. we noticed that the guys
7:47 am
were loading up the straps on the trailer. got to get that up on the wheels and out of your way. that's what they are in the process of doing. the eastbound side of 50 still blocked here. traffic headed eastbound is being diverted off here. so no one is able to get by there. rubber necking delay on the westbound side. big tie ups for friends on the bw parkway. what's going on? what happened? late clearing construction. all of that activity has cleared but didn't clear it until almost 6:00. big delays from 198 out to pennsylvania avenue. inbound on route 50 as you approach 202. that's where we have accident activity tying up the left side of the roadway. the crash here on the inner loop. still you are in a back up leaving the john hanson highway. inbound on route 4, that's where we have the crash tying up the left side
7:48 am
of the roadway. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> getting through security at bwi is about to get faster for some. today the tsa is bringing prechecked program. let's frequent flyers skip the normal security line and hassles that come with it. i believe you have to register for that though. still ahead, the power of the arts. >> here's holly morris. >> reporter: good morning. bound by the beauty . you are going to see books in a whole new light as we are live in silver spring. and they are gearing up for book arts fair. this is old school and something you don't want to miss. we're going to tell you all about it live next. on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. alright let's break it down.
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[ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin welcome back. good morning.
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it is time for our facebook fan of the day. today we say hello to yolanda. she and her family love tuning in everyday at 5:00. she's been commenting for months hoping to one day get picked. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan, log on to facebook page and leave a comment under yolanda's picture. i have a cousin we used to call her yogi. artists are gathering for biennial book arts fair. >> it all takes place this weekend at the pyramid atlantic art's center. holly morris is in silver spring for a preview. >> reporter: it's a key word. by annual would mean twice a year. biennial means only every two years. that is the case with the book arts fair.
7:53 am
it's super special and you don't want to miss it. one of a kind things and experiences. nobody knows that more than him. good morning to you. >> how are you doing? >> we are happy to be here. >> even though pyramid atlantic has been around for 30 plus years. there's still people who don't know about it. >> that's right. this is a great opportunity to learn more about it during book arts fair. pyramid atlantic was started in 1981 by an artist and educator in baltimore. but it grew to include book arts fairs, arts education, community programs. so we've been around 30 plus years and here in downtown silver spring. classes of all ages and abilities. working artist who come in and use studios and we put events where we have exhibitors come from all
7:54 am
over and have them come and get their hands on this work and see it for themselves. >> this is how it used to be done. there's value of when it came. >> when you talk to kids you say where does milk come from? the store. where do books come from? they don't come from the store. they come from people who have ideas and put them together with their hands. so this is a great way to get back in such with that. >> we're going to learn about the processes this morning. and lynnette is going to be the first one. and you are teaching us about letter pressing. >> i am. we start with led type. if you look at it, each letter is engraved on the top. and you have to set it on what
7:55 am
we call a composing stick. so each letter you pull out and set in and spell things out. >> so this is literally how books used to be done? >> yeah. >> you are hand setting every letter? >> yeah. >> that's amazing. >> explain what's going on here? >> then i transferred it. this is a uni press. and i transferred the type and locked it in using what we call a wood furniture. and this is a coin and we just lock it all in so nothing moves here. and there's a combination on this pressthere are five rollers. if i roll it out, you'll see the one underneath. this holds the ink. and distributes it properly evenly on top of the type. when you go to print, you'll get an embossed feeling. i have to
7:56 am
double up the paper to make sure it happens properly and often you'll have to do that. there's ways to add packing and depth. >> why do you enjoy this so much? >> i like the process. i like having to pull each letter out. i like the way it feels on the paper. it's not as smooth and soft as just printing something out. and you can add image. so i often will do linoleum cuts. >> it's custom, one of a kind and not perfect. >> i love the imperfections. >> not that you are not perfect. but you know what i mean. >> i'm fine with the imperfections cause you can tell it's hand made. >> it's going on this friday, saturday and sunday. is our web site. we have a link to theirs. it's happening not only here at the art's center but the silver spring civic center. this is a big deal. coming up in our next
7:57 am
hour, we're going to talk about binding books like stitching them together as we continue to be inspired by them here. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >> when it comes to adopting a child, there is an age group overlooked. older children. a campaign to encourage the adoption of teenagers. >> a list of items you should never buy from the grocery store. if you do, you're sure to over pay. we'll be right back. óñ
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this is fox 5 morning news. >> straight ahead at 8:00, breaking news. a violent morning in maryland. we're live at the scene of a shooting investigation at wal-mart. >> there are more twist and turns in the sex scandal as congress gets ready for a closed door investigation. we will sit down with radio national corespondent for a look at what is next for general patraeus and everyone else involved. >> and later, a cheer leading
8:01 am
stunt gone wrong shocking the ground at an nba game. we'll show you what happened. good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. we're happy you are with us. tucker barnes also join s us now. >> did the stunt involve the wizards trying to dunk the ball. >> aww, man, that's cold. >> off to a rough start. >> yes they are. >> i better do the weather. no more comments. it's cold outside and cool later this afternoon. lots of sunshine. and a beautiful start to the day. >> i like how you cracked yourself up though. cracking yourself up. >> we were showing wizard highlights today. let's go to the maps. there's high pressure. close to perfect weather as far as dry conditions and sunshine for the next couple days. we are going to be on the cool side. and cold again tonight as we're
8:02 am
going to fall back in the 30s and upper 20s. up to 41 degrees. couple hours ago in the mid 30s. temperatures trending below average for yet another day. and will for the next several days as the temperatures will top out to mid 50s. we'll have more on the weekend forecast in just a couple minutes. >> thanks so much. >> let goz to julie and get the latest on the morning traffic. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. >> after two weeks we'd get used to that thing. >> on the roads you are going to find your hands are full. that's where we have the crash. again, it was a pick-up truck pulling a trailer. traffic was being diverted off. eastbound 50 still closed at this time headed over towards the bay bridge. westbound lanes are
8:03 am
open. you'll also find more troubles to report in route to the crash which is tying up 424. meanwhile, the inner loop at the beltway has cleared. south to root 50. tying up commute westbound. left side of the roadway there is blocked. southbound on the baltimore washington parkway. accident activity sits in the left lane. also find delays leaving 198. eastbound 66 coming in bound this morning. heavy volume. traffic flows in center ville and 50 trying to get past 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thanks, julie. we're following breaking news. police are investigating a shooting at a wal-mart in maryland. >> police confirm one man was shot and taken to the hospital. melanie is live at the scene with the latest. >> good morning, tony. police are still trying to figure out
8:04 am
exactly what happened. the entrances to this wal-mart store here all of them are still blocked off at this hour. the shooting happened at 4:17 this morning. a 28-year-old male victim was an employee or the store manager here at the wal-mart. this is a 24 hour wal-mart. police tell us that the victim was found in the parking lot with a gun shot wound to the upper body. they believe it was probably a robbery. they say that the suspect only had been described as a white male. that's all they know at this point. they are still trying to figure out what happened. they don't know if there were security cameras here. we know that the public information officers are still trying to meet with the criminal investigations division to put the pieces together to give us more information. but again, we do know the man is expected to
8:05 am
be okay. not life threatening injuries. again, what appears to be a robbery. 4:17 in the morning here at the 24 hour wal-mart. when we get more information, we'll bring it to you. >> all right. thank you very much. meanwhile, we go to another early morning shooting. this one proved to be fatal. police say a man was found lying on 27th street at about 5:00 this morning. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. no word on a motive or possible suspect at this time. >> to our other top story now. closed door hearing continue today on capitol hill over the fall out from the resignation of the cia director and the sex scandal that brought him down. the attack in libya will also be a focus. david patraeus will not testify today's classified hearing. the acting director of
8:06 am
the cia met with the senate foreign relations committee. tomorrow michael morale will meet with the committee. the woman at the center of the scandal was spotted in northwest yesterday. paula broadwell is staying at her brother's home. her driver's license was found by a jogger. police alerted the fbi and hold it for 90 days until broadwell claims it. >> the man who president obama wants to be the next commander of nato is finding his nomination on hold. the pentagon is probing general john allen after investigators found 20,000 pages of e-mails sent between him and jill kelley. she is the social light by complaining about threatening e-mails from patraeus mistress. a lot to digest here.
8:07 am
>> it is. we turn to jj green, national security corespondent for wtop radio. good morning. good to see you . story gets more bizarre everyday. in regards to the fbi investigation into the matter between general allen and this jill kelley, the fbi has handed that over to the pentagon. what does this suggest about the nature of that investigation? >> what it suggests was there was no crime committed. there perhaps were some concerns about behavior and whether or not it was appropriate between the two of them certainly for this general officer for the military. and it suggests that the pentagon has been asked to handle it. it does suggest there was no crime committed and no federal wrongdoing there. >> i've heard some people say why is the fbi getting involved
8:08 am
in this? they kind of have to get involved when the initial complaint came up about these potentially threatening e-mails. they have to get involved and figure out what's going on. talk to me about the timing. yesterday the fbi has to follow certain protocols when it comes to advising the white house about investigations. would that explain why the white house didn't know about this until last week? >> partially. one of the key things the fbi is designed to do to investigate to determine if there is a reason or probable cause or situation in which a crime has been committed. and you can't know that until you've looked into the details and collected as much information as you can about it. in this particular situation as i understand it, this was one that came from the cyber group that they have operating to look into this kind of thing. and this is
8:09 am
a new discipline as you know. but they have to determine if this rises to the level of something they need to interrupt the president and senior administration officials to alert them and advise them about what's going on. >> you've spoken to one of david patraeus's close friends. someone you've known for several years for insight. what can you share with this? >> steve bowlin is the name. i met him back in 06 and have stayed in touch. he spoke to patraeus on friday and has spoken to him several times since then. and he said to me essentially he's tired. very clearly he has had to spend a lot of time since this whole thing broke dealing with family issues as you can imagine. but also other issues that have been coming up. questions and requests from federal officials
8:10 am
and congress as well. he said what you probably already know that this began a couple months, two months after patraeus took the job at cia headquarters and ended several months ago which would put that around july, something like that. said it was a total screw up. it was a mistake on his part to do that. this is steve saying to me that he told him he had the best job in the world. great relationship in the white house. and he recognizes that this is just a failure of judgment. >> any concerns about whether national security has been compromised? >> there are some who are going to say yes just by virtue of the fact here is the cia director who is sworn to uphold the principles of the nation and protect and serve the nation. you can't do that if you are
8:11 am
stepping out on your wife. but looking at the law, there doesn't appear to be any at this point. the fbi certainly hasn't said that anything like that has happened. and when you look at deeper into the details of classified e-mails and classified information, there may be some issues that have to be dealt with yet as it relates to the woman he was engaged in this situation with. but as far as patraeus goes, what i've been told in my reporting is no crime has been uncovered. national security very clearly, the reputation of national security has been tarnished. but no crime. >> jj green, thanks for coming in. good to talk to you. appreciate it. >> thank you . president obama will likely face plenty of questions about the scandal when
8:12 am
he holds first news conference today. and go into greater detail his plan to prevent the economy from plunging off the so-called fiscal cliff. begins at 1:30. the president and vice president will hold another meeting about the end of the year spending cut ands tax hikes. they are sitting down with a dozen ceos. the white house is committed to preserving tax cuts and making sure the wealthy pay more. >> from rookie out fielders to veteran coaches. another day, another honor for the washington nationals. tell you all about that still ahead in sports. >> first, the tree lighting line up. what celebrities will be out celebrating the season. time is 8:12. we'll be right back. back. 
8:13 am
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the kick off to the busy holiday travel season is a few days away. >> appears travellers will have more company this year. aaa expects 46.6 million travellers. that's up less than 1% over last year. 39 million of them will go by car. the cost of thanksgiving trip is expected to drop by $56. >> might be too early to talk about christmas but not for the national park service. they are out with the first wave of her formers for next month's tree lighting. those performance include james tailor, baby face. where he's been? kolby and phillip phillips. where he's been? >> where are you right now?
8:17 am
>> the lighting will take place december 6th. >> that's a great line up. >> very good. >> i love me some jt. >> super storm sandy tore down trees in new york and new jersey but this norway spruce survived. weeks earlier it was selected to be. it was be in manhattan later today. >> phil phillips song is called home. >> tucker is here with weather and more. >> he said even tucker barnes. >> you don't keep up with the current hits. >> my latest was from 1992. let's get to it . my first 5 photo of the day. the cuteness factor. >> look at this.
8:18 am
>> getting awfully cute. today we say hello to jaylen ellis james. >> we have not had as many leaf pictures. >> this is the picture of the 2 year old raking leafs with his papa. >> thumbs up papa. >> getting playtime. >> getting the leafs raked into a pile and jumping in. >> now, i wouldn't ever do it. >> i think about all the things that could be in the leaves. it's a hazard. >> i had time to tell you this great story. back when i was a kid rngs here in maryland my dad is away at work and we used to put the leaves out in the corner, we collected all the
8:19 am
leaves and made one gigantic leaves pile. dad wasn't too home. >> he is cute. love the picture. >> thanks for sending it in. go to and click on mornings. frj let's get to the numbers. 41 right now in washington. it's cold out. bring a jacket. our highs will only be in the upper 40s. temperatures on the cool side. 26 in cincinnati. 31 in chicago. and look at this. teens on the map . national falls, 13 degrees. 31 in denver. plenty of cool air across the lower 48. generally quiet weather across the country. if you get an earlier start, should be nice and quiet. high pressure across the midatlantic. up and down the eastern sea board temperatures are going to be cool but a lot of sunshine for much of the week here. 50 today warming up in
8:20 am
mid 50s by friday and saturday. coastal storm is going to get going by sunday and monday. and that will bring us showers to start next week. let's do traffic and find out what's happening with julie wright. >> good morning to you, tucker. we're busy clearing out from that earlier crash on route 50. pick-up truck pulling a trailer and the trailer flipped over. now unfortunately another crash was to report. two helicopters have been called to the scene here. governor's bridge road between 424. no one able to get by. one car ran into the tree. two helicopters have been requested at the scene of this accident. big delays on 50 and the parkway headed out toward kennel worth avenue. the pace improves out towards pennsylvania avenue. accident activity westbound route 4 that's where you are hitting the delay out toward the accident scene. quick peak at what's happening in virginia.
8:21 am
123 to the key bridge. 395 remains slow up and across the inbound 14th street bridge. and now on eastbound 66. traffic remains slow and leaving fair oaks to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> new this morning, changes to maryland live casino. today officials will outline plans on how casinos will change to make room for those table games like blackjack. this follows last week's vote to expand. vote on weather to raise fees on the toll road. help fund cannot instruction of the dulles rail. rates would increase by 25 cents at the main toll plaza and on and off ramps. >> 8:21 now on this wednesday morning. coming up next, blame it on tired thumbs but the
8:22 am
number of texts we are sending is way down. we'll look at the reason why. >> later, literature lovers rejoice. live in silver spring with a look at book arts fair. we'll be right back. 8:21 now. ♪
8:23 am
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8:25 am
more than 2.5 million toyotas around the world are being recalled this morning. over potential problems with the steering extension shaft. >> the recall impacts prius vehicles from 2004 to 2009. adds up to about 670,000 vehicles in the u.s. parts of the shaft could deform when sharp turns are made at slow speeds. dealers will begin notifying owners next month. >> hundreds of millions of facebook shares could flood the market today when early investors get the chance to unload. initial ipo back in may included a lockup agreement that restricted trading for a certain amount of trading. the lockup is supposed to boost prices but so far hasn't worked. lost half their value since debuting at $38. >> finally this half hour, could texting go the way of a land line? maybe not yet. but the form of communication is on the decline
8:26 am
for the first time in our recent history. the average cell phone customer sends 675 texts a month compared to the 700 they were sending earlier this year. people are not communicating less. just finding cheaper ways to do it with apps like skype, google voice and facebook messenger. >> still ahead in our next half hour, why convenience can be costly. >> check in with the fox consumer team for things you should never shop for at the grocery store. >> when parents will get the chance to weigh in on a plan to close dozens of dc schools. 8:26. you are watching fox 5 morning news. 
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:29. time for a check on the other top stories. 20 dc schools could be on the chopping block. henderson unveiled a
8:30 am
list yesterday. most of the schools are elementary and middle schools and if approved, most of the closings would go into affect at the end of the current year. the rise of charter schools has led to lower enrollments and closing the schools will better utilize facilities. their chance to weigh in beginning november 27th. for the full list of schools affected, log on to our web site assuming he doesn't face any more legal trouble, brown's jail time is already over. yesterday a federal judge sentenced him to one day in custody and 6 months of home detention for lying on a loan application. he'll also have to perform 480 hours of community service. later in the day a judge -- but suspended that sentence. served one day
8:31 am
yesterday even appearing in shackles at his second hearing. >> the man suspected of being the east coast rapist will stand trial. yesterday erin thomas's plea deal fell through after he told a judge he wasn't sure what he was doing. he is charged with abducting three girls on halloween night and raping two of them. and the murder trial continues today for alexis simpson. she is accused of stabbing her roommate to death after an argument over loud music. yesterday both the defense and prosecution made opening statements and the first witness took the stand. >> 8:31. tucker is back with us. >> cold weather moved back in. interesting because this may be the first month in two years where we're going to have below average temperatures. we'll see what happens. but we're trending towards a cool month. >> well below for the first couple weeks. that few days isn't going to help much.
8:32 am
>> right. just a little bit. below average here for the next week. >> is it hard to believe thanksgiving is next week. >> feels like a week early. >> too soon. >> okay. let's get to the forecast and your headline, cool weather here to stay. moved in yesterday and cold overnight. later this afternoon we're going to be enjoying sunshine but the cool pattern intact here for the next several days. overnight temperatures in the 20s and low 30s and you can see we're slowly rebounding across the region. 41 in washington. leonard town, 32. still below freezing. frederick, 30 degrees. 32 out in winchester. and it's going to be a cool day. out to the west, high temperatures only in the low to mid 40s and here in town, upper 40s to 50. cool weather pattern here setting up as we have this cold front to the east of us. here's the left overs that brought us the rain
8:33 am
showers yesterday. we have high pressure out to the west. nice and dry around here. the trend will be lots of sunshine and clear nights going to allow things get cold. back in the upper 20s and low 30s for overnight low. if you have vegetation you are trying to protect, cover it up the next couple days. sunshine, cool temperatures. winds out of the north at 5 to 10. here's your 7 day forecast. we keep the try streak intact here. next chance for showers late sunday into monday. hopefully monday instead of sunday. we have football games, soccer games sunday afternoon. that's a look at weather. allison, back to you. >> i have important information, tucker. thank you. turns out you may be over spending at the grocery store and not realize it. you are paying top dollar for convenience. steve joins us live now from dallas.
8:34 am
good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. funny story i was last night buying the props. aren't you that guy from tv? he said oh, yeah. i said it's a segment for the news. about what? stuff you should never buy at the super market. all right. we'll talk about that . convenience is king for consumers. but it is costly and here's the bottom line. don't realize how costly it is. i was surprised to see this tide detergent $19. at wal-mart and target, $12. as much as a $7 difference. a light bulb, $12. at a hardware store , $9. the experts say you should never buy premade baked items. the markup is incredible. a box of browny mix is $1.99. if they bake it for you more than $8.
8:35 am
i know that's just bits and pieces here. but let's add it up. three items and we're already talking about a $16 difference. let's talk about nonperishable items. most of us buy them when we need them but you are doing it wrong. never buy these items unless they are at a rock bottom sale. they are seasonal. things like soups will hit rock bottom price during the winter months. stock up and keep them in your cupboard. that's when you stock up and keep them in your cupboard. for me, big weakness is cheese. i have to tell you i love cheese. and you could be over paying unless you know which part of the super market to shop in. this cheese we found prepackaged.
8:36 am
found it for $5. this particular package of cheese we went to the dairy counter and bought the same sliced for $2.70. that's a difference for walking to a different part of the same store. and items like magazines. it will cost you $5. guess what? a subscription will cost you only $1.50 per issue. if you are not into 12 months or 24 month commitment, you could read the articles online. in most cases all of them for free. >> great advice. and i knew about some of those but didn't know about the -- we would have bumped into each other. so good. thanks so much.
8:37 am
have a good day. all right. tony, over to you . >> i'm writing it all down. thanks. >> still ahead at 8:00, why you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. a look at what makes a new national campaign so unique. how a cheer leading routine during an nba game went horribly wrong. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100. 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪
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it is turning into a really big week for the nationals. first brice harper won nl arookie of the year. >> and davy johnson is named manager of the year. 23 of the 32 first place votes. dusty baker and san francisco's bruce botchy came in second and third. won the award in both leagues. won with the orioles back in 1997. >> to basketball now. got the announcer in my ear. the still looking for their first win of the season. dc got off to a good start taking a 4 point lead
8:41 am
into the second period. trevor areza led the way with 19 points but the bobcats roared back. game high 21 points. the wizards lose 92-76. they are win less through 6 games. >> all right. finally. on the court scare for a member of the cheer squad. jamie wood was in the middle of a routine when her partner dropped her. she fell backwards landing on her head. she was braeting on her own but did manage to give way to the crowd. all right. wish her the best. my goodness. >> for those who say cheer leading is not a sport. >> it is 8:41. wednesday morning. coming up next, a case for adopting a child a little
8:42 am
later in life. we're going to tell you about a new campaign to find homes for tens and thousands of teenagers. >> the power of the written word and the art of putting it together. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. you are right. i am watching a master at work. literally making a book . she's doing this at the pyramid atlantic art center. where we are live and they are getting ready for the book arts fair. why you might want to put it on your weekend plans. stay with us. ♪
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that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. it's time for your facebook fan of the day. today we say hello to yolanda. she says she and her family love tuning in everyday at 5:00 a.m. and commenting for months on our facebook page hoping to get picked one day. well, now, we've chosen you. thank you for watching the show. we do appreciate it. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, log on and leave a comment under her picture. >> i hope she knows we start at
8:46 am
4:25 these days. >> all right. thanks, tony. there are more than 33,000 teenagers available for adoption in the country's foster care system. a huge number. but now the u.s. health department has launched a new campaign to encourage adoption of children between 14 and 16. for more we turn to national foster care specialist with the children's bureau. good morning. welcome to the station . tell us how we fair in this area as far as teenagers in the foster care system waiting for homes. >> all areas have teenagers awaiting homes. in this local area we have about 350 teenagers and about 85 of those are between the ages of 14 and 16 years of age. >> somebody might be watching and say i really do want to adopt.
8:47 am
i have room in my heart and home but i want a younger child. i need you to talk about the benefits of adopting a child that is in that really crucial time of their life. you could really make a difference. >> you are right. it's a very critical time. and by being older, the children know the situation they've been in. they have experiences from having been abused or neglected. so there can be difficulties but that is especially why these children need parents, they need families. people who are going to give them support and guidance as they try to make their way through life and become adults. >> you have launched an organization a national campaign. we're going to show a little bit of one of the psa's you have now. tell us about this campaign. >> it's a series of public service announcements. tv, radio, social media and print. you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent.
8:48 am
so showing the imperfections of life are perfectly normal. and so it's really a way to urge people to be interested in adopting teens and to not be afraid of making mistakes. that's perfectly normal in the life of a family and everybody works through those moments together and this is a humorous way of bringing that to light. >> let's take a look. >> listen, i know you are upset, but it was one date. and dating is stock market. there's ups and downs and ups. >> it's show you adopt us >> english and spanish as well.
8:49 am
you can also call 888-200-4005 for more information. >> that is a humorous take on it. i have also perspective parents and saying i've been waiting for years and something happens, it's a set back. i'm disappointed over and over again. what do you say to folks who have sort of waiting for a child? >> oftentimes, the wait is for people who are interested in younger children or babies. so we have many teens that are actually awaiting their new home. you would not have to wait as long. it's a time taking process. but it's not a complicated process. we help people through it. there are not the kinds of costs that i think some people think there would be or requirements to be of specific age or completed a certain amount of school or have a specific income. we really look at each family individually. complete a home
8:50 am
study of their family and ensure we understand that family and then we'll be able to provide them with many opportunities. it's a matter of their being willing to think about teenagers who are waiting and willing to take on the journey of a new home. >> when you say teenagers, you think oh, my goodness, teenagers. do you find that it is sort of a hard thing to talk to somebody who wants to adopt. have you thought older? when you think teenagers we think the hormones, the slamming of the doors and some of these kids may come to the table with a little bit more of a background that needs to be understood. how do you tell those parents you can do this? >> there's a couple things around that. while they are going through the adoptive home study process, we have a series of classes that they go through. and that helps them to understand more about the child
8:51 am
welfare system. about the kids and the behaviors and how to manage those and we give them supports about how to manage those behaviors. i've talked to a number of parents and they all say they went into it fourteens and went into it and had some apprehensions and some concerns but they all have said they have gotten so much from the teenagers. they have learned and have new experiences. >> and you are changing the course of someone's life possibly. >> we hope the public is doing that by giving us a call or visiting the web site. >> okay. taffy is with the children's bureau. thank you for joining us. go to our web site the telephone number and e-mail address will be there. tony, over to you. >> thank you both very much. it is a chance to see rare books, historical documents and find prints all in one place. the book arts fair will bring a
8:52 am
range for a weekend of exhibits. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning to you. 41 shopping days left until christmas. that includes today. if you want to make a dent in that list and buy really special unique gifts then the pyramid atlantic book arts fair is for you. i've already picked up one gift. see this? this is a sketch book. all hand made paper. every single one of these pieces of paper was made by hand. he'll cherish this. this will be special for him. dad if you are watching online, you already know one of the things you are getting. but i wanted it to share that with you. it's inspired me. she joins me this morning. and you just had your final meeting. what are people really going to be able to find? >> they'll find a great
8:53 am
selection of artist books, hand made papers, specialty tools. there will be films and events and speakers all around the subject. >> how best to make the most of the fair? >> if i was attending the fair, i would look at the event schedule and decide which lectures i wanted to hear. >> so allow time to walk around and engage and discuss. >> right. >> is it hard to get people to understand really the beauty of this kind of art? >> i don't think so. i think there's going to be a lot that appeals to different folks. i don't think so. >> if you love art you are going to love it. >> i think so. >> you are going to love the next person i'm going to introduce you to. she is a worker bee. this is patty lee. she is making a book. how did you get into bookbinding? >> i love reading books and wanted to learn how to make
8:54 am
them. >> what are you doing for us? >> demonstrating how we're going to make our book arts map. screen printed letter pressbroadside here in front of you that showed you all of the lit rarely hot spots. and what we're doing is we're going to followed this into a turkish map fold and mount it into two hard covers. i'm going to use this dry adhesive. >> what a great gift for a book lover. >> any place that you might be able to find a book. >> you did this on the front as well? >> this is called blind and bossing. we use a heated stamper. we use a led type on the inside. heat it up to a high temperature. and use it to stamp the cover of the book.
8:55 am
>> i want to make sure everyone sees how this goes together. you are going to put that in there. and then? through the magic of your hard work. >> through the magic of landing this perfectly. >> can you show us? >> it's going to look like this. it will be coming in three covers. when you want to visit a literally hot spots open up the followed. and stores nicely in your purse. it's the gift that keeps on giving. >> that is wonderful. you guys have done a wonderful job. this is one of the many things you can find this weekend here at
8:56 am
the art's center and at the civic center we have a link if you want to find out more and plan your day. we're going to continue to talk after the break. you are watching fox 5 morning news. stay with us. 
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
this is fox 5 morning news. >> right now at 9:00, new information in an overnight shooting here at a 24 hour wal-mart. we're going to tell you what happened here at 4:17 a.m. >> then, who is jill kelley? as the patraeus investigation winds.

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